If you’ve come this far, that means you want to learn and make progress in French.

You’ve come to the right place, and I’m here to provide you with the right method for achieving that goal.

It’s not a school, but an educational method that I’ve devised for you, to help you learn French as everyone would like to do, in a simple and effective way.

An easy and effective way of learning French

There’s nothing more  boring and monotonous than being shut up in a classroom with a book full of repetitive exercises.
You can succeed in completing them without a mistake, and even have the impression of having understood the subject, but what happens when you want to express yourself orally…?

Are you sure that you can make use of everything you’ve learnt in your courses? Are you ready to speak with French people without searching for words, without stammering ?
I’m sure you’re not.
Learning the language in a real situation, during your stay or thanks to the online courses, will allow you to memorise vocabulary more easily and lastingly.

It’s up to you to decide on your objectives (work, pleasure, travel in France), so that I can better understand your needs and create a  learning programme designed for you.


My approach to teaching is adapted to foreigners, both those who already have some rudimentary knowledge of French and those advanced in their studies.

It is also perfect for those with considerable mastery but who still need to express themselves with greater ease and more confidence.

It is open to all who wish to progress rapidly and concentrate on fluency of conversation in French.


Learning a language is not as logical as learning math. Theory without practice presents the risk of very quickly dampening your motivation.

My experience, accompanied by complete immersion in the country or by teaching online, will broaden your linguistic horizons and enrich your personal culture.

MY OBJECTIVE is to make you progress in French in a rapid and durable manner, to reinforce your linguistic skills and to give you autonomy in a Francophone milieu.

With solid bases in place, and imbued with French culture, a new page of your linguistic development will be opened for you.

My name is Dorota.
I am a native of Poland and have lived in France for more  than 30 years.
I studied in Paris and hold a degree in French literature from the Sorbonne.
My life in France began at the age of 17, and French has become my first language, to the detriment of my native tongue.

In order really to understand the difficulties encountered when learning a foreign language, you have to have gone through the process yourself. I’ve had the occasion to learn several, and that experience will serve me well in  helping you on this fascinating journey.

My role is not limited to accompanying you in positive experiences, but includes helping you when you are no longer able to go further.

Often it takes just a little to get your learning process started again and bring you new results and satisfaction.

To share my knowledge with you, encourage you, motivate you and guide you – these are my ultimate goals in this great adventure, which is like no other.

I propose to TEACH YOU FRENCH through activities
drawn from daily life in the setting of :